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OC No. 2: Lucky by Sh4rk-K1ng
OC No. 2: Lucky
Revered to most as "Lady Luck," Lucky is mostly around casinos and if not there, will probably be spending time gambling herself. Can never lose no matter who she is pitted against and can have some extraordinary powers. Gives off an amiable personality, but can be very serious when involving herself in anything Gambling related or if it concerns those she cares for.
Runy by Sh4rk-K1ng
My zombie girl OC. She is a special kind of zombie in that  she performs the same as that of a normal human, so her appetite for human flesh can be controlled.
Wraith by Sh4rk-K1ng
My fursona, people's. Finally! After months of brainstorming, I decided to draw my chibi sona. He came to me when I was trying to make an avatar for Second Life, so I figured to design him as a cyber dragon and make him a complete badass. I said before that I wouldn't make as much art until I got a job and get a Wacom Tablet. Well, I just went through an interview at AppleBee's and I have to wait a week or two since the GM manager wasn't in town at the time. So to keep you from getting nothing, here this is. Thanks goes to my brother ArtzB for helping out most of the way.
Goodra by Sh4rk-K1ng
My most favorite 6th Gen Pokemon ever. Wanted to do one of Goodra for a while now, and yes, she may be a bit pudgy, but I still find Goodra to be one adorable Pokemon. Btw, her name is Erin.
Everybody, be alert for this one. I am actually putting my plans to create a manga into motion. As of now, I am creating the necessary OC's and will soon create the storyboard, although I already have the main plot in my head. So keep watch on the OC's. I will also put parts of the storyboards into "chapters" as if it's a story to help me better the project. I will post these chapters as soon as the plans are underway. So until then, keep an eye out.


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Carl Buegel
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
An otaku from Georgia, Carl Lee Buegel Jr. is also an artist, music producer and a game designer. Loves to eat, sleep, play video games, reading manga, watching anime, and hang out with my brother, ArtzB (page: Favorite animal is a dog. Cats are great, but I prefer to have a dog. Plan on going to Japan to live there within 3-5 years (It's been a childhood dream that I'm sticking to no matter what). Can be anti-social at times, but loves to hang out with people a lot. Very compulsive, but not OCD. Aside from that, I hope you guys enjoy my art.

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Thank you for watching me sweetie ♥
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Happy New Year everyone!
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Today, I have finally turned 18 (Hooray!). Lately, I have been looking for jobs so I can invest in getting an iPad(the only Apple product I will ever get) because Sketchbook is amazing on there and I'm going to post one more picture scanned, inked and edited for you guys. After that, the next pictures you see will be from my or my brother's iPad. Aside from that, I have planned to be a Pokétuber as soon as 2nd semester starts, so that will be a lot of fun. I hope my days are great from here on, and I hope you guys have a nice day.
Sh4rk-K1ng Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Happy New Year to all. I finally got a laptop now so I can upload more of my art (btw, I've improved a). But onto the main topic, I'm working on investing in a BAMBOO tablet to do my art because of the fact I just downloaded Sketchbook onto my Laptop. Also I plan on going to Japan in a few years (appr. 3-5), so if you wonder why some of my artwork has some Japanese written in it, you know why. Other than that, hope you guys have a great new year.

Aeris-Ogawa Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013
Happy birthday <3
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Thank you and I am sorry for not responding sooner.
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