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My Updated Ref Sheet NSFW
Of course I would have to do a NSFW version. Here are a few things you would need to know. 

One, the peen is mainly an equippable item. No lie. Since Wraith doesn't wear clothing every day, he keeps his junk in inventory slot and only equips it if needed (or wanted ;P). 

And yes, it still has the qualities of a peen as well. Can do everything one can, including senses since, synced with the body and brain, can bring about the feel, smell, even and taste (to others, of course). 

And I decided to bring in the tail since I was working on the NSFW version, too. XD
My New Ref Sheet by Sh4rk-K1ng
My New Ref Sheet
Finally made a new ref sheet for my sona, Wraith. 

Yes, I was working for quite a bit, but I said that when I got my new tablet in the mail, this would be the first thing I would work on. And I put all that I could into this. But along the way, I really do need to get the hard drive for the new PC since this laptop almost scared me so many times. It even froze to where I had to shut it down and restart and I forgot to save and start up the autosave application. TT v TT

But I'm so glad I got it done. I also added a few things to it. 

One, if you look on Wraith's back, you'll see something that Looks like a circuit path. Well it is, and if you look at the legs, you'll see a similar pattern. Well, not only is it an imprint on his back, but it will also be my watermark. Just so you guys know, it says "THD" short for The Hooded Dragon, the main name I tend to go by aside form OtakuWraith. 

Another, you'll see a pattern on his butt that looks similar to a spade on a card. No particular reason...... =//w\\=

Finally, this is the one without a tail. This is just for first view of what his back looks like more clearly.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this one. I'll still be learning the path to becoming a better artist. = u =

Next, I'll work on the behaviors of Wraith's enhancements and his behavior (possibly), but it will be doodles. = w =

Wraith is my sona, meaning he belongs to me, aka 

And yes, he has a really big butt.…
Got it, finally. o w o by Sh4rk-K1ng
Got it, finally. o w o
Got the tablet in the mail today. Now I can finally get back to making art for you all. > u <

Btw, this is an Intuos Pro Pen and Touch Medium. Bigger than what I thought. XD 
I think I need to get back to using this site. Haven't in ages. = w =

Well, I'll do my best to stream by 4:00 EST on Google Hangouts. As much as I want to use Picarto, my connection's not strong enough to handle it. Hopefully if I can get a router closer to my room. 

I really do miss being active on this site. People whose art is just something to die for. > v < 
PWYW Sketches Open Banner by Sh4rk-K1ng
PWYW Sketches Open Banner
This is not a joke. I am opening up PWYW sketches. It can be anything you want as long as they are in compliance with my commission rules of things I will/not draw. Minimum limit as to what you have to pay is only $2. However much you wanna pay determines what type of quality you get. There is only one and the example shown is not a limitations as to what you wish. Basically… (This is an example. All of the sketches will be of a monochromic neutral color such as the example)

You can request a bust ($2-$3.99), fullbody ($4-$5.99) and fullbody/bust with background($6+). Wanna know the cool thing about dis?

You can have up to 3 people in it, and there's NO extra charge for the characters, but only for a limited time. 

Send me your paypal address and I will send you a money request. After money is sent, I shall start work on it within 24 hours and will have it delivered to you effective immediately once finished. 

Things I will not draw- 
-Old characters unless it's something really sweet, like them on a little romantic date or just simple body portraits. No pr0nz of the elderly.
-Anything else screwed up

That being said, use the basics of the TOS for these sketches as well as commissions:…

Note me if you wish to have one and link your paypal to me as well as describing what you wish to be on there and how much you are willing to pay. 

If paid in other currency aside from USD, I believe Paypal will convert it, so please be sure to pay me in equivalent to what you said you'll pay. 

Aside from that, PWYW sketches will be open until said otherwise. Money goes towards getting myself a Wacom Intuos3 and a stylus.
Everybody, be alert for this one. I am actually putting my plans to create a manga into motion. As of now, I am creating the necessary OC's and will soon create the storyboard, although I already have the main plot in my head. So keep watch on the OC's. I will also put parts of the storyboards into "chapters" as if it's a story to help me better the project. I will post these chapters as soon as the plans are underway. So until then, keep an eye out.


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Carl Buegel
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
An otaku from Georgia, Carl Lee Buegel Jr. is also an artist, music producer and a game designer. Loves to eat, sleep, play video games, reading manga, watching anime, and hang out with my brother, ArtzB (page: Favorite animal is a dog. Cats are great, but I prefer to have a dog. Plan on going to Japan to live there within 3-5 years (It's been a childhood dream that I'm sticking to no matter what). Can be anti-social at times, but loves to hang out with people a lot. Very compulsive, but not OCD. Aside from that, I hope you guys enjoy my art.

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